Aluminum Grooved Rivets
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Aluminum Grooved Rivets

Groove Rivets are designed to fasten hard materials to soft materials. For example metal to wood. They are typically used in blind (non-drilled-through) holes.

Grooved Rivets are designed to be installed within a hole made of a fibered material such as wood and some low-medium density plastics. When set properly, the annular rings of the grooved rivet will bite into the wood or plastic and will radially expand within the hole. Keep in mind, this rivet is designed to expand within a hole and not at the rear side like most blind rivets. Only one fibered material is necessary as long as it is the final substrate. Other materials can be fastened to wood products as long as it is between the head and the wood. In this case be sure there is enough material thickness of the fiber material so the rivet can seat properly.

Key features and benefits:

•      Single-side access.

•      It does not require through drills.

•      It can be used to fix different materialswith different types of manufacturing: composites, laminates, heat treated materials, etc.

•      It does not deform surfaces after the riveting process is finished: (painted, glazed…surfaces).

•      Good resistance to temperature variations.

•      It does not come loose from dynamic stress (vibrations in general) and it offers a high resistance to extraction.

•      Fast, simple and high quality fastening.

Assembly applications:

•      Electrical equipment

•      Metal industry

•      Furniture manufacturing

•      Construction work: sheet fixing, moldings, angles

•      Injection mould components



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