How to Remove Rivets?
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How to Remove Rivets?

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How to Remove Rivets?

Rivets are used to connect thin pieces of metal together to create a strong seal, but once you install the rivet, it can be next to impossible to remove. 

remove rivets tools

You can purchase a rivet removal tool, Purchase a rivet removal tool with the appropriate-sized drill bit and guide. The rivet tool may come with an assortment of guides and bits, or you may have to purchase extra accessories for the type of rivet you wish to remove.Slide the guide and bits into position on the rivet remover.Adjust the drill depth so that only the rivet is removed.Drill out the rivet.

But the tool could be an unnecessary expense if you do not have more than a few rivets to remove. A less expensive approach to removing rivets is to use your power drill and an ordinary drill bit.remove a rivet

Remove rivets with a drill and save the original hole.Remove rivets with a drill and save the original hole.

Select a drill bit that is slightly larger than the shank hole of the rivet. The shank hole is the hole left by the shank of the rivet in the center of the rivet head. You want a bit that is slightly larger but not so large that you create a bigger hole in your material.

File the top of the rivet head down slightly with a coarse steel file or a portable grinder. Insert the point of a center punch in the center of the rivet head and tap the end of the punch with a hammer. Do not hit the punch hard, just enough to curve the inside of the hole down. This will help prevent the drill bit from “walking” while you drill out the rivet.

Place the drill bit in your drill chuck and tighten the drill chuck. Place the tip over the drill head so that you are drilling straight down. Drill through the center hole of the rivet and then bring the drill bit out of the rivet. Sometimes the rivet head will come out by attaching itself to the drill bit.

remove rivets with chisel

If you don't have a drill, you can cut the head off with a sharp chisel since the rivet material is typically aluminum, a very soft metal.

Flip the chisel head so that the bevel is flush to the material you're removing the rivet from. Slide it next to the rivet head.

Tap the back of the chisel handle with a hammer or mallet. Make sure the sharp edge slides between the rivet head and riveted material it is being removed from. Keep the chisel’s beveled edge flush to the riveted material to prevent it from digging into or damaging it.

Stop tapping the chisel head once the rivet head has snapped off. Pry the rivet head off, if it has not snapped off, by pushing the handle toward the hard surface; this will cause the chisel’s beveled edge to push away from the hard surface.

Set the tapered head of the nail set tool on the rivet shank that was exposed after the head was removed. Tap the back of the nail set tool with the hammer or mallet to slide the rivet out of the riveted material.

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