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Self Piercing Rivets

Self-piercing rivet system is engineered to pierce and fasten in one operation, simplifying assembly and reducing costs while providing a strong, reliable joint.

Self-piercing riveting is a high-speed mechanical fastening process for point joining sheet material,As the name suggests, pre-drilled holes are not required, allowing the joint to be made rapidly in one operation.It is a single-step technique, Pierce and fasten in one operation without sacrificing joint quality. Piercing and joining take place at one time, so pre-drilled holes, hole preparation, and hole alignment are eliminated resulting in higher productivity and more cost-effective assembly.

The rivet is driven through the top sheet of work-piece material and the bottom sheet is then stretched or extruded into a forming die (anvil). As the bottom sheet is extruded into the anvil form, the tubular end of the rivet is flared out on the forming die, securing the sheets together. Depending on rivet length and anvil selected, the flared end of the rivet can be designed to pierce completely through the sheet layers or can be flared within the bottom sheet. When piercing leather or other soft materials, the work piece material “slug” created when the tubular hole at the end of the rivet is driven remains up inside the tubular end of the rivet.

The rivet pierces the top sheet and the die shape causes the rivet to flare within the lower sheet to form a mechanical interlock. The rivet may be set flush with the top sheet when using a countersunk rivet head. The die shape also causes a button to form on the underside of the lower sheet; ideally, the rivet tail should not pierce this.generally using a semi-tubular rivet to clinch the sheets in a mechanical joint. 

Use self-piercing rivets to join similar or dissimilar materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and certain plastics and fibers. Self-piercing rivets often provide the best fastening solution when spot welding is difficult or impossible, such as with zinc-coated steel (automotive, HVAC and building applications), pre-painted metal (white goods) and aluminum (signs).self-piercing-rivets is a excellent fastener for joining dissimilar materials, pre-coated sheets, or layered materials. This makes it an efficient fastening solution over methods such as spot welding, bolting, adhesive bonding, clinching, or blind riveting.

Unlike welding, self-piercing rivets do not create a heat zone in the materials during installation, so damage to application materials are minimized. 

Additionally, unlike other methods, the installation process is clean, quiet, and operator friendly.

A wide variety of installation tooling – from hand-operated systems to automated assembly lines - is available to place Fastriv fasteners. Each can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your assembly line and decrease your installed costs.

self-piercing-rivets provide a very efficient working process, reducing assembly times to a minimum. They are especially cost-effective for medium- and large-volume production.


Eliminate the need to pre-punch, drill or align holes

Reduce assembly time and component cost

Pierce and fasten in one step

Easy to automate for high speed operation

Cleanly join coated/painted material

Ensures permanent assembly

Excellent mechanical strength and fatigue performance; highly repeatable results

Enhanced, uniform appearance (flush-finished/countersunk heads available)

Self-sealing joints that can be air- and water-tight

No fume or heat, low noise emission, low energy consumption


Automotive space frames

Automotive subassemblies

Car seats

Instrument panels

Air cargo equipment

Domestic appliances

Construction components



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