Soft-Set Blind Pop Rivets
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Soft-Set Blind Pop Rivets

​Almost identical in appearance to open-end rivets, Soft rivets incorporate a body and mandrel of special soft aluminum alloy.

Breaking at a lower tensile point than regular mandrels, they afford a firm grip but provide the more moderate pressure essential in fastening more brittle materials.

Soft Set Rivets are made of a soft alloy aluminum to help reduce cracking and breakage of the parts being riveted when fastening plastics and brittle materials. 

Such as :

      Metal to plastic

  • Metal to wood

  • Metal to fiberglass

  • Metal to soft materials and low resistance materials in generall

  • Plastic to plastic

  • Plastic to soft materials and low resistance materials in general

  • Single-side access (blind rivet).

  • It can be fixed from both ends.

  • Ideally used in applications with soft materials or low resistance materials (plastics, fibre, wood).

  • It does not deform surfaces after the riveting process is finished painted, glazed surfaces.

  • Good resistance to temperature variations.

  • Available in a 3.5 magnesium alloy.

  • Fast, high quality and reduced cost assembly.

  • The riveting process is environmentally friendly, free of smoke, sparks, fumes, etc.

  • It requires simple, fast and lightweight tools.

  • Furniture

  • Packaging

  • Containers

  • Construction work

  • Work with plastic or with PVC

  • Plastic components in genera


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