Stainless Steel Pull Thru Rivets
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Stainless Steel Pull Thru Rivets

Ideal where clearance is limited and a flush set is required on both sides of the application.

Stainless steel Pull-Thru rivet is a Stainless steel countersunk blind fastener designed to set surface flush on both sides of an application (blind side rivet protrusion #0.4mm/.015"). During setting, the mandrel head never breaks away from the mandrel. It remains integral with the mandrel, while extruding completely through the rivet body and exiting into the setting tool. This unique process provides a consistent tight radial set within the working grip range of the rivet, improves rivet tool access and eliminates the possibility of loose mandrel heads in the application. This innovative fastener is widely used in the electronics industry. It also lends itself to assembly of any product where clearance is limited and protrusion of the rivet body from application surfaces must be either minimized or eliminated. The mandrels of the Pull-Thru rivets have been color coded for easy differentiation on the production floor. 

Features & Benefits:

 • Double Flush Set 

   Flush Set on both sides for double countersunk materials 

   Insertion can be reversed improving rivet tool access 

• Unique “Pull-Thru” Mandrel 

   No mandrel heads remain anywhere in the application 

   Consistent clamp force 

   Tight radial set provides increased structural rigidity 

• High Speed Automation 

   POP Rivet Presenter facilitates a cycle time as fast as 2 seconds. 

• Colored Mandrels 


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