Stainless steel Auto-Clamp 2 Piece Mate Rivets
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Stainless steel Auto-Clamp 2 Piece Mate Rivets

2 piece fastener. Access to both sides of the work is required, however it does not require close tolerance holes. The Tubular Component is inserted from one side and the Rivet is inserted from the other. When set, the Rivet expands inside the Tubular Component and clamps tightly and securely without crushing the parent material. This fastener has a very wide grip range and can be used in applications up to 3-7/8″ thick!

2 piece mate rivets are non-structural fastening rivets for extra-long grip applications. To install 2 piece rivets, access to both sides of the work piece is required. The tubular component is inserted from one side, and the rivet itself is inserted from the opposite side. The fastener is set with a rivet tool, which expands the rivet inside the tubular component to create a tight, secure grip without damaging the host material. Two-piece rivets do not require close tolerance holes for proper installation.


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